Cropped view of professional workman in protective workwear using knife and holding measuring tape over material, installing thermal insulation rock wool under the roof.
Portrait of a successful young man sitting in the armchair in the modern green building lobby and working on his laptop.

What is the assessment process?

Candidates are independently assessed against key competencies and must provide examples of their skills and knowledge. The details of each assessment process are found in each Guide for Candidates.

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Redesigning the Energy Efficiency Certification Scheme

In 2021, the EEC announced the redesign of the Energy Efficiency Certification Scheme (EECS) into EEC Professional Certifications to deliver multiple certifications that drive energy and emissions reduction across the economy.

From 2013 until the launch of EEC Professional Certifications the EEC administered EECS, which certified professionals to lead integrated energy retrofits of commercial buildings.

Group of multiethnic men and woman in hardhats working in hall of solar plant control centre having discussion between racks.